09 April 2010

My Top 18 Beauty Vloggers on Youtube ^^

makeupgeek (Marlena)

MissJessicaHarlow (Jessica Harlow)

kandeejohnson (Kandee Johnson)

iwanted2c1video (Bethany)

frmheadtotoe (Jennifer)

MichellePhan (Michelle Phan)

julieg713 (Julie)

xteeener (Christina)

AllThatGlitters21 (Elle or Lisa Fowler)

juicystar07 (Blair or Elizabeth Fowler)

hollyannaeree (Holly Ann-AeRee)

panacea81 (Lauren Luke)

sardun1 (Sarah Bella)

bubzbeauty (Lindy Tsang)

lollipop26 (Laura)

MakeupByTiffanyD (Tiffany D)

pinkiecharm (Irene)

06 April 2010

My First Post ! and It's What's In My Bag? :p

Hi lovelies !!

At first, I was thinking of something interesting to begin with because it's my first post on the blog ! And then I remember one blog post which is my favorite blog post. So here it is. Hope you'll enjoy :D

Clockwise from the top :
1. my lovely pink Sony Vaio lappie + the mouse (i brought this in my bag for a whole week because i was in duty becoming a "video jockey" at my campus' sport & dance event. lol)
2. an "angry little girl" fan (a gift from a friend) :)
3. 10 KFC vouchers !
4. red flash drive
5. leopard wallet by CULT
6. my red BB Javeline
7. my SMART cell phone (a gift from my lovely boyfie) ♥
8. Hint Mint chocolate
9. The Body Shop - mini brush kit (also a gift from a friend) :)
10. The Body Shop - pomegranate hydrating body spray
11. my tiger print purse (inside : watch,necklaces,earrings,rings,safety pins,etc)
12. Nuvo strawberry hand sanitizer
13. MAC powder blush - Fleur Power
14. Missha concealer - Light
15. Vaseline Lip Therapy
16. Bourjois compact powder - Sable Rose
17. Vision lip colour (it's expired already & I don't know why it was in my bag)
18. Bourjois blush - 35 Lune D'or
19. feminine napkins inside a hot pink pouch
20. Vivoke mirror (a gift from my boyfie's mom) :)
21. Otrivin (my nasal reliever, fyi, i'm suffered with nasal congestion, known as rhinitis vasmotor)
22. PAC make up pencil - brown
23. notebook
24. wet tissue (under the notebook)
25. Gogirl! magazine - January edition (I know it's outdated because this picture was taken on January 7. but who cares?rite?)
26. charger & headset inside the black pouch

And that's that. Thanks for reading,guys. I'll be updating this,soon! :)